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3 Sustainable Sunglasses Brands We Love to Elevate Your Style

Sunglasses protect our eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Even though we think about them mostly in the summer they are a year-long necessity. Most sunglasses are not good for the environment. As sunglasses need to be light weight most frames and lenses are made of plastic. The lenses are often curated with harmful chemicals. 

As we know only a small proportion of our plastic waste is properly recycled. So staring away from plastic sunglasses and opting for a more sustainable pair is a wise choice. There are many companies such as Sea2See and Seal Optics that produce sunglasses with plant based or recycled material. Below are our favourite sustainable sunglass brands that are available/ship to Europe. 


PARADIGM sustainable Sunglasses



PARADIGM sunglasses are just so stylish. They carry a large collection of sustainable sunglasses that will fit any style. The frames are made with  ISCC-certified recycled acetate which consists of recycled plastic and wood pulp. The groovy 70’s style inspired unisex frames are our favourites.  They are retro and fun and will be a solid investment to your capsule wardrobe.


Sea2See Sustainable Sunglasses



Sea2See collaborates with fishermen in Europe and Africa to collect over  ½ ton of marine plastic per day. The plastics are then separated. Using regenerative technology the plastic is converted into virgin-like polymers called UPSEA™ PLAST. All their sunglasses and watches are made with this material. The sunglasses are 100% hand made in Italy wile the watches are handmade in Switzerland. The Sea2See has been awarded with the CRADLE TO CRADLE gold certification. This certification is awarded to products designed and made in a manner that ensures a healthy, equitable and sustainable future.

The sunglasses are well made and stunning. They will set you back somewhere between 90 to 200 Euro but well worth the investment. 


Seal Optics Sustainable Sunglasses



Seal Optics makes sustainable sunglasses for outdoor adventures. The lenses are made of plant based polymer.  These lenses are built to eliminate 99.9% of glare and block 100% of harmful UVA rays. They protect your eyes against the risk of long term damage from harsh sunlight. 

The frames of Seal Optics sunglasses are made from Z-Resin. It's derived from the castor plant and the production process is highly eco friendly with a very low carbon footprint. Z-Resin frames are ultra thin and light weight. They are designed for adventurers so they will perform not just in everyday life but will withstand the great outdoors and harsh conditions.   

If you are active or drive/ cycle these are the prefect sunglasses for you. There is a large selection of stunning and functional designs to choose from. They are in high demand so a lot of the designs may be sold out in the summer months.

Hope you enjoyed our recommendations on sustainable sunglasses. Be sure to read our articles about summer holiday essentials and sustainable footware to get your self summer ready. 

If you have any recommendations on sustainable sunglasses please let us know by leaving a comment below. 

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