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The right wallet for you – How to select the best wallet for you

Have you started to shop for a new wallet? Are you overwhelmed by the number of designs, options, and brands available? We understand that a wallet is a very personal item that you carry every day. It has to fit your needs and be durable and safe. So here are four things to consider when purchasing your next wallet. 


Size and Style:

The shape and the size of your wallet will be determined by your lifestyle. If you carry around a lot of cards and cash your wallet may be big and bulky. Bulky wallets are difficult to seamlessly fit into your pockets. 

A good tip is to lay out all your cards and pick out the ones you use on a daily basis. If you carry a lot of loyalty cards you may find an app that will replace the physical card. If you need a card occasionally (such as your library card) you can carry it in your bag or pocket on the days you need it. 

If you carry only a few cards and no cash, a cardholder will be a good option for you. Its small size and small frame will allow it to fit into any pocket without distorting the silhouette. 

If you carry cash consider a classic bi-fold wallet if you are a man or a classic flap wallet if you are woman. These classic styles provide a compartment for your cash to be stored safely and provide you access to it easily. These classic designs will be a solid addition to your wardrobe. 

I personally don’t like a coin compartment in my wallet because it adds unnecessary bulk so I carry the Tashi cardholder.  I carry a separate coin purse in my handbag for those occasions when I need to carry a few coins. 


A classic brown or black is a good color for a wallet as it will match much of your wardrobe. The wallet is something you will handle many times a day, leave on different surfaces, places and pockets. It is prone to wear and tear and dirt. Picking a black or brown material will help the wallet look newer for longer.  

If you are a bit superstitious like me opt for an auspicious color. According to Feng shui, Red and black are magnets for wealth. Tan and navy blue are colors that attract growth and renewal of energies. 


It’s important to pick good quality and durable material. Leather is a classic durable material to use in wallets but its not very environmentally friendly or ethical. If you opt for a leather wallet opt for one made from sustainably produced leather. 

There are many sustainable vegan leather varieties available in the market such as cactus leather, pineapple leather, and apple leather. These are as durable and high quality as normal leather without all the negative environmental impact.  


Much of the quality of the wallet will depend on the material that it's crafted from. Another good signal would be the edges and the craftsmanship. Edges of a wallet could be bare or painted. The edges should be nicely trimmed and cropped to create a smooth finish. The stitching is another indicator of quality in a wallet. 

If you are considering a wallet with a classic design that is functional, durable, and environmentally you can browse our timeless wallet style here.

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