Eco-Friendly Accessories: Adding Sustainability to Your Outfits

Eco-Friendly Accessories: Adding Sustainability to Your Outfits

We talk about sustainable clothing quite a lot on this blog and other platforms but we seldom speak about sustainable accessories. They seem like a small addition to your overall look but they bring an outfit together and make you look sophisticated and well put together. From belts and bags to jewelry and scarves, there are countless ways to incorporate sustainability into your accessory choices and add a touch of eco-conscious style to your outfits.

Eco-Friendly Materials:

One of the key aspects of sustainable accessories is the materials used. Opt for items made from renewable or recycled materials such as plant-based leathers, bamboo, cork, or reclaimed wood. These materials have a lower environmental impact compared to conventional options. For instance, Nopal cactus used in cactus leather can grow in degraded soil and without irrigation, chemical fertilizer or pesticides. It acts as lungs of the earth absorbing tons of CO2 and expelling  massive amounts of O2. 

Ethical Production

Sustainability isn't just about materials; it's also about ethical production. Look for accessories that are produced locally and under fair labor practices. Look for smaller brands that value sustainability and ethical business practices. Carry out some research into where the products are made, do they have ethical suppliers and do they donate some of their profits. By supporting such brands you're contributing to both environmental and social sustainability.

Upcycled and Vintage Finds

Consider exploring thrift stores, vintage shops, or upcycled accessory brands. Vintage and upcycled accessories not only add a unique touch to your outfit but also help reduce waste by giving old items new life. Vintage shops are treasure troves of one-of-a-kind pieces that tell stories of eras gone by.

Handmade with Love

Handcrafted accessories often have a smaller carbon footprint compared to mass-produced items. They are typically made by artisans who take pride in their work and use sustainable practices. Look for handmade accessories that are unique and well-crafted. These will set you apart from those who wear fast fashion accessories that look cheap and break easily. 

Minimalism and Versatility

Embrace the concept of minimalism when it comes to accessories. Invest in a few versatile and high-quality pieces that can be mixed and matched with various outfits. This not only reduces your environmental impact but also simplifies your wardrobe choices and saves you time when getting dressed in the morning. 

Incorporating eco-friendly accessories into your outfits is a stylish way to contribute to a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry. Choosing vintage pieces or accessories made with sustainable materials using ethical practices can make a positive impact on the environment while adding a touch of elegance to your wardrobe. . 

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