About Us

Tashi was founded by Chamy and Michella Perera. The two sisters had a vision to create a luxury vegan brand that is environmentally sustainable. By pairing our carefully sourcing plant leather with durable hardware and expert craftsmanship, we create high-end vegan accessories. Tashi is built on the belief that through modern innovative materials we can achieve an uncompromising balance between style, self expression and sustainability. From start to finish we aim to source responsibly, manufacture ethically. We stand for fair pay, local production, sustainable materials and practices and durable products that defy fast-fashion. Our collection is available in navy blue cactus leather.



Our Mission

  • Crafting durable, high-end vegan accessories is essential for the sustainability of our planet and its delicate Eco-systems. Through cruelty-free practices, we promote bio-diversity and animal rights.
  • Through ethical local craftsmanship we promote high-quality skill based work in local communities that receive fair pay for their trade and experience. That is why our European line of sustainable accessories are made in Italy by local craftsmen.
  • Our designs are minimalist and contemporary with a high-end, durable finish to create timeless staples that withstand seasonal changes in the fast fashion industry. 
  • Self-expression without compromise, we set fair prices for our accessories to ensure affordability, while creating well-paid jobs within the fashion sector. We hold ourselves to a high standard, as we strive to match yours.


Our Materials: Cactus Leather 


Cactus leather is a sustainable and environmentally friendly organic material made of Nopal cactus. This cactus variety is resilient and can grow in harsh climate conditions, and on degraded land without excessive irrigation. It does not require fertilizer or pesticides. Only mature leaves are harvested and used in the production of leather. As the plant is left undamaged Desserto is able to harvest new leaves every 6-8 months. A nopal cactus plant has a lifespan of up to around 8 years.

The harvested leaves are mashed and dried in the sun for about 3 days. It's then ground into a powder and mixed with non-toxic chemicals. This mixture is then shaped into different textures and colors as required. The resulting leather is up to 92% biodegradable.

Nopal cactus has a high CO2 sequestering capacity. Desserto found that from their 14 acres of cactus, they were able to absorb 8,100 tons of CO2/year, while only generating 15.30 tons of CO2  annually.

While there are several plant-based leather varieties available, cactus leather is the most scalable and environmentally friendly alternative.